The Automated Password Reset Tool can be used to reset your QuickBooks Admin password in any version of QuickBooks for Windows.

How to fix it

  1. Go to
  2. From the QuickBooks version, select your version of QuickBooks Desktop.
    Important: The version of QuickBooks you last opened your company file with must be installed on the computer you are using to remove and reset the password.
  3. Fill in your QuickBooks license number and business info then click Submit. NOTE: All information entered must match the information in our system including email address. The email that includes the access token will be sent ONLY to that same address.
  4. Accept the license and click the Download button.
  5. On the next screen, click the Download Now link. IMPORTANT: Make sure if it asks you to Run or Save, you choose Save and save it to your Desktop.
  6. Double-click the QBPasswordReset.exe file that was downloaded to open the tool.
  7. Enter the token number you received via email into the Token Number field.
  8. Select your QuickBooks version in the QuickBooks Products drop-down menu.
  9. Click the Browse for Company File button and select the company file that you want to reset the password on.
  10. Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
  11. Click the Reset Password button.

You should now be able to open QuickBooks and login to your company file using the new password you just set. The QuickBooks Password Reset.exe file cannot be used again without completing the verification form again. To reset the password on another QuickBooks company file, you must return to the link in step 1 and complete the process again.