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Automated Password Reset Tool


If you have lost, forgotten, or do not have the administrator password required to access your QuickBooks company file (in Version 2008 or later), the Automated Password Reset Tool can help.

To use the reset tool, you need QuickBooks 2008 and later and the following:

• License number
• Contact name
• Email address
• Phone number
• Post Code

Important! Your license number, e-mail address, telephone number and post code will be validated against your Company Registration record in our database.  If any of the parameters do not exactly match the information we have on file for your company when you registered your product, then the request will fail.
Download the Automated Password Reset Tool

This tool only works for versions 2008 and later. If you have an earlier version of QuickBooks, we have a password removal service available (fees apply). Click here for more details.

You must use the Password Reset Tool within 2 hours of receiving your Token Number in the email you received. After 2 hours, the Token Number may become invalid. 
If you get the error message "Token is either invalid or has expired", go back to the webpage where you downloaded the Password Reset Tool, and fill in all the fields up to the License Agreement. Accept the agreement but do NOT download the tool again. This will generate another email with another Token Number for you to use.
  1. Click here to download the Password Reset Tool. 
    Once your information is validated, we'll send you an email (from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with further instructions and a Token Number. You can only use one Token Number to reset a password inone company file. If you have multiple company files whose passwords you want to reset, you need go back to the tool and fill out the fields up to the License Agreement (but don't click the download button). This will get you another email with another Token Number.
  2. Run the Password Reset Tool and open the company file that has the password you want to reset. You must be connected to the Internet.
  3. Enter the Token Number from the email that we sent you and reset the Admin password.
  4. Open your company file to verify that the new password works.

Connectivity Results of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

You can use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to troubleshoot H202, H505, and 6000 series errors in QuickBooks. Intuit recommends first searching our support website using the specific error you've seen. These errors might occur when you open a company file in a multi-user, networked environment.

Data File Corruption Diagnosis

Results (After running QuickBooks File Doctor)

Results for 6000 series error messages when opening a file over a network

Connection Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is designed to troubleshoot networking and multi-user errors that can occur when you open a company file. If you’re experiencing H202, H505, or 6000 series errors, this tool can help.
To download this tool, please click here to visit the US QuickBooks Support site. This tool works for international versions of QuickBooks as well.

File Doctor

File Doctor opens your data file and fixes your file and network (US, UK, and CA)
About the QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD):
  • Works for US, CA, and UK versions of QuickBooks!
  • File and data repair. QuickBooks does not need to be installed on your computer.
  • Network diagnosis and repair. QuickBooks must be installed on the computer running File Doctor.
  • Multiuser diagnosis and repair. QuickBooks Hosting must be turned on.
  • The QBFD Tool supports: Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP SP3, Server 2003-2012
  • If .NET frame work 2.0 is not installed on your system, QBFD will install it along with the diagnostic tool.
Limits of using the QuickBooks File Doctor
  • You must be connected to the internet to upload the file for manual repair.
  • For data damage issues only, only run the QuickBooks File Doctor if you cannot open the file. If you can open the file and work inside it, do not run QuickBooks File Dr.
  • Your company file must be smaller than 2 GB to upload through this tool.
  • You can resume the download while the tool is still open. However, if the tool is closed, the upload will start again.
  • You must be logged in as Administrator to run network diagnosis. QuickBooks must also be in hosting mode.
  • If Windows User Account Control is turned ON, the tool will be re-launched with elevated administrator privileges.
  • Network Diagnose and Repair functionality may not work properly if multiple QuickBooks versions are installed on your computer. Currently, network fixes only work on the latest version of QuickBooks you have installed that is the actual program, not the Database Manager only install.
  • The File Doctor works on .qbw or .qba files only. 
  • File repair and Network diagnosis is on by default.
  • Use the Advanced Settings button to run file only or network only diagnostics.


How to use the QuickBooks File Doctor

Important: If you are receiving an error opening your company file in Multi-User Mode over the network such as error H202H303H101, or H505, please follow the steps in the Error H101, H202, H303, or H505: when opening your company file article to resolve.

If you suspect data damage which is preventing your company file from opening, or receiving a 6000 series error message, you will need to run the QuickBooks File Doctor below.


Download Tool button image

  1. You should log into Windows as the admin user to install and run the free QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  2. Download the QuickBooks File Doctor to your desktop.
  3. If prompted, select Save and then launch the saved file.
  4. Follow the built-in instructions to install.
  5. Once installed, if the File Doctor does not open automatically, double-click the File Doctor icon on your desktop.

Optional: If you have a minute, could you please help us gather feedback on how the QuickBooks File Doctor worked out?