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Manage Accounts Payable with Bill Tracker          

Redesigned reporting with summaries and comments


In QuickBooks 2015, we’ve transformed reports so they’re clearer to read and easier to understand. You can also add an executive summary and comments, to provide context and help readers understand what the figures are showing.
Like to receive reports to your inbox? QuickBooks can now send a single email with more than one report attached. This lets you stay up to date with your business without overwhelming your email.

See your business dashboard on the QuickBooks home page


Get insights from the QuickBooks home page
The QuickBooks home page now shows key information about your business. It means you can check important figures in moments, without having to open other screens or reports.
Customise your home page with your company’s logo
Show information that’s most relevant to you
See profit, income, expenses, top customers, reminders and more

Send company file to accountant via cloud services2


QuickBooks 2015 makes it easier than ever to send your accounts to your accountant.
QuickBooks connects directly to popular file-sharing services – including Dropbox and Google Drive — so you can easily share figures with your accountant.

See all reminders in one place


Reminders window
The new reminders window shows all your reminders and notifications in one place, so you can be sure you haven’t missed anything.

Pin notes to customer, supplier and employee records


Add notes to records
Pin notes to specific customer, supplier or employee records, so you see them as soon as you open that record.
It’s a good way to highlight important information about a particular person or business.

See unbilled time and expenses within Income Tracker


In QuickBooks 2015, the Income Tracker shows unbilled time and expenses. You can also customise what else appears on the screen.


Included! Free features and improvements3

Free features and improvements
QuickBooks 2015 software purchased on a separate standalone basis are eligible for new feature improvements, updates, and enhancements on a when-and-if available basis through May 31, 2018.
Software licenses obtained through a subscription are eligible for such new feature improvements, updates, and enhancements during the active subscription period.

See details of all your income in one place with the Income Tracker


Income tracker
The Income Tracker brings all your company’s income-related data into one place. See unbilled, unpaid, overdue and paid items — and take action to get your money faster.
Visualise your expected and received income clearly
Identify unbilled work and send invoices from the Income Tracker
Highlight overdue payments and issue reminders instantly
No reports to run — see real-time data immediately

Create customised email templates to use with customer emails


Send professional, branded messages with invoices, estimates and other documents.
Create and design email templates to use when you contact customers. Choose and change font styles and sizes, or add images like your logo with full HTML email formatting.
You can create as many templates as you like for different purposes (like sending invoices, estimates or payment reminders), then automatically insert customer details into the body of the email before you send it.

Track email history — see messages sent to customers, suppliers and contacts


Communicate by email more effectively, without having to leave QuickBooks.
Track all the emails you've sent to customers, suppliers, employees and contacts without leaving the software. It's the fastest way to view your previous conversations and confirm who said what.
You can also attach supporting documents when you send emails to customers, so you can be sure they have all the information they need.

Attach files and documents to transactions so you can find them easily


Attach files to transactions
Attach documents to any QuickBooks transaction, so you can find them easily. Just drag and drop to save receipts, estimates, spreadsheets and other documents with your list items and transactions.
Centralised electronic document storage for your business
Find supporting documents instantly
Cut down on paper by saving documents electronically

Track and file VAT under the Flat Rate VAT scheme


All major VAT schemes
Manage and file VAT under the three main VAT schemes: Cash, Flat Rate and Standard.
About the Flat Rate scheme
The Flat Rate VAT scheme makes it easier for businesses to manage their VAT, if their turnover is below £150,000.
If you are allowed to use the Flat Rate VAT scheme (check with your accountant or HMRC) then you simply pay VAT as a percentage of your turnover. You don't have to calculate the difference between VAT you collect and VAT you pay.

Track VAT and file VAT returns online with HMRC  (UK ONLY)


File VAT returns online
Take the hassle out of your VAT returns by tracking and managing your VAT automatically in QuickBooks.
File VAT returns online, in minutes, using data you've already entered
Fully tested with HMRC systems
View your VAT liability at any time
The VAT exception report helps you handle later changes
      Standard and Cash VAT
schemes only

Track and follow up on sales leads in the Lead Centre


Track sales leads
Log every sales lead your business gets in the QuickBooks Lead Centre. It'll make sure you remember to follow up every opportunity.
Log and track new leads — mark them hot, warm or cold
Pull up a hot prospect's details the moment they call
Made the sale? Convert the lead into a customer without re-entering their details