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 QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0

Become more productive and benefit from advanced features by
upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0.

  • Manage your finances efficiently with the clean, simple interface
  • Adapts to fit your business and changes as you grow
  • All-in-one package includes payroll, support and software upgrades1


If any of the following statements apply to you then QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions could help your business be more efficient:

Chart - get more capacity

You're running out of space to track items, customers or suppliers

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has space for a total of a million items, customers and suppliers, giving your business plenty of space to grow.



People - up to 30 users

You need more than five users

With a maximum of 30 users, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has plenty of space for everyone in your business.



Arrows - data flexibility

You want to do more with your data

Get new ways to export data. Integrate it into other applications using ODBC and advanced Excel export tools.



Hammer and spanner - advanced user control

You want more user control

Advanced user control lets you allow or block access to individual reports, bank accounts, lists or activities.



Cogs - complex pricing

You need more pricing flexibility

With up to 750 different pricing levels, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions gives you extra pricing freedom.



Work with multiple companies

You need to use multiple company files

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions enables you to work with several company files and combine data from them in reports.



Phone - includes support and updates

You're looking for total peace of mind

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions includes freephone support, so you can always get help and advice when you need it.


  QuickBooks Enterprise
Solutions 13.0

Advanced financial
management solution
QuickBooks Premier
Financial tools to help you
make decisions
QuickBooks Pro
Cash flow management and
financial reporting

Core features - manage your company accounts:

Create and send branded invoices yes yes
Track sales, expenses and profit yes yes
Easy VAT returns - HMRC recognised yes yes
Company Snapshot and calendar view yes yes
Track sales leadsNew yes yes
Handle multiple currencies yes yes
Create budgets and forecasts yes Budgets only
Number of items and records 14,500 14,500
Number of users Up to 5 Up to 5
Number of pricing levels 100 100
Stock control Intermediate Simple
Report across multiple businesses no no
Advanced user control no no
Advanced reporting tools no no

Payroll software - run payroll and store employee details:  (UK ONLY)

Store employee details Optional Optional
Pay employees in three easy steps Optional Optional
File payroll returns and forms online Optional Optional

Help and support - we're here if you need us:

Unlimited freephone support Optional Optional
Email and online chat support Optional Optional
Password reset and data recovery no no
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Help and support 

We're here if you need us:

Unlimited freephone support

QuickBooks is easy to set up, learn and use. But if you do need a little extra help, get unlimited access to our support team. If you need assistance, they're a call away.

Advanced Stock Features

Track stock in multiple locations

Instantly see how many items are on hand in each of your storage locations, and what's on sales order or purchase order.

Set reorder points and QuickBooks will automatically calculate which items you need to restock - and you can easily move stock between locations to meet demand.


Easily track serial and lot numbers

Enter serial and lot numbers at the time of purchase, transfer, or sale – so no extra data entry is required for reliable tracking.

You can track defective lots through assemblies and subassemblies, in stock on shelves, and customer purchases with new reports.


Scan barcodes for faster data entry3

Create barcodes to identify stock. Print them with your existing printer or export with a barcode label maker.

Then you can enter stock data quickly by scanning barcodes. QuickBooks works with all USB barcode scanners and automatically puts information into the right fields.