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QuickBooks Premier 2013


Advanced time saving tools for your business

  • Step-by-step set up gets your business up and running
  • Make key business decisions fast, with confidence
  • Organise and interpret your business data effectively





Key Features

  • Create and send branded invoices
  • Track sales, expenses and profit
  • Easy VAT returns - HMRC recognised – UK ONLY
  • Company Snapshot and calendar view
  • Track sales leads  New
  • Handle multiple currencies
  • Create budgets
  • Number of users    1, 3 or 5
  • Stock control    Intermediate
  • Build financial forecasts
  • Offer flexible discounts
  • Integrated Payroll – requires additional subscriptionUK Only
  • Pay employees in three easy steps  – UK ONLY
  • File payroll returns and forms online– UK ONLY
  • HMRC Payroll Standard accredited  – UK ONLY

Detailed Features

Create and send Branded invoices 

Create branded invoices 

Choose from professional invoice designs
Add your logo and customise the design and layout
Send the invoice fast by email, or print it out and pop it in the post











Track sales, expenses and profit

Check your company's vital signs in real time:
See the money going in and out of your business
Understand where your cash goes
Monitor sales and identify your most profitable areas












Easy VAT returns - HMRC recognised – UK ONLY

Face your quarterly VAT return with confidence. No more last-minute rush to find crucial receipts.
Create VAT returns in minutes, using data already stored in QuickBooks
File your VAT returns online – no forms to complete, QuickBooks does it for you
Automatic VAT adjustments handle refunds and other changes via the VAT exception report









Company Snapshot and calendar view

Use the Company Snapshot to get a clear, graphical overview of your company finances on a single screen. See clear cash flow figures, who owes you money, what bills you have to pay and more.
Calendar view shows you important tasks and transactions day-by-day on your QuickBooks calendar. It's much easier to understand than scribbled notes in a desk diary.








Easily track your sales leads

The QuickBooks Lead Centre is a fast, efficient place to log every lead your business gets. Whether it's a stab in the dark or a dead cert, it helps you follow up every single opportunity.
Log and track new leads - mark them hot, warm or cold
When a potential customer calls, you can pull up their details in moments
Made the sale? Convert a lead into a customer without re-entering information













Handle multiple currencies

Trade in over 145 currencies just as easily as you do in pounds sterling.
Work with international customers in their own currencies
Convert back using the latest exchange rates, downloaded automatically
Understand gains and losses caused by rate fluctuations







Create budgets

QuickBooks makes it easy to keep your sales and spending on track by creating budgets for your business - even if you've never done it before.
Set monthly, quarterly or annual budgets
Track your performance and compare what actually happens to what you expected

Number of users

Allow more than one person in your business to use QuickBooks at the same time, so it's easier to get things done.

Track stock, set re-order points and create purchase orders

Keep tabs on your stock levels from within your accounting software:
View accurate stock levels for products and components
Don't run out - get prompted to reorder when stocks fall
Create purchase orders to send to suppliers
Additionally, QuickBooks Premier allows you to create back orders.

Build financial forecasts

Plan ahead effectively and anticipate future trends by creating financial forecasts for sales and expenses.
Forecasts enable you to create different scenarios and examine how they would affect your business.
For example, you can check the cost implications of taking on an extra member of staff, or see how losing a key client would affect your cash flow.

Offer flexible discounts

Complete freedom to price products and services to fit your business model, without having to manually track and monitor multiple discounts, prices and deals.
Set discounts for specific customers or jobs
Change prices easily, whenever you need to
Offer special deals to match or beat competitors

 Use advanced features from the start

QuickBooks is easy to use, so you can make the most of its advanced features.
You'll be up and running with QuickBooks in just a few minutes. When you first load the software, it'll walk you through a few simple steps to get started.
The elegant, clean interface means everything's where you expect to find it. You also get 30 days of freephone support, just in case you need any pointers using the powerful tools available in QuickBooks Premier.

 Keep tabs on your whole business

Get instant access to the information you need for decision-making.
QuickBooks gives you one place for all your essential business information - and the instant search makes it easy to find what you need.
See the state of your company at a glance with the Company Snapshot
Track sales, expenses and cash flow
Organise data with the Customer and Supplier Centres

Advanced stock control and back orders

Grab every sales opportunity and track every lead with the new Leads Centre.
QuickBooks Premier includes advanced stock control functions that give you total visibility of stock levels – and making it easier than ever to track what's in stock and what you need to order:
Always know exactly what's in stock
Maintain stock levels by setting re-order points
Build and track products from assembly to ready-to-sell
Buy in one unit, stock in another - and sell in a third
QuickBooks Premier also includes back order functions, which let you take orders for out-of-stock items and then ensure incoming stock is allocated to those orders first.
Taking back orders means you don't have to watch customers go elsewhere when items are out-of-stock.

Make your VAT returns drama free – UK ONLY

Stop stressing over VAT returns - with just one click, you're done.
File VAT returns online, in minutes, using data you've already entered
Fully tested with HMRC systems
View your VAT liability at any time
The VAT exception report helps you handle later changes

Work effortlessly in foreign currencies

Work with customers and suppliers in any currency, using the latest exchange rates.
Use multiple currencies to make international business a breeze. Work with suppliers and customers in their own currencies, and then convert back to pounds to see where you stand.
Download the latest exchange rates and use them automatically
QuickBooks keeps a historical record of exchange rate fluctuations
Deal in as many currencies as you like
Switch between currencies easily to view gains and losses
Foreign currency support is built into QuickBooks accounting software. Unlike other accounting software, you don't need to rely on workarounds or guess the exchange rate.



Making sure you get a smooth start

QuickBooks includes unlimited freephone support for 30 days, just in case you need any help getting started.
Our experts will answer your calls 9am - 5pm on working days, providing help on any aspect of setting up and using QuickBooks.
(QuickBooks 2013 support is included for 30 consecutive days from first-time registration. First-time registration must be completed within 90 days of purchase. UK only, see terms and conditions.)

There's plenty of help online

Our support website is the fast way to get an answer to most questions about QuickBooks. Search thousands of help articles, browse guides, watch videos and read FAQs to solve problems and learn how to do things efficiently.
(Looking for help now? Here's our support site.)

Advice from our Live Community

Get tips, tricks and accounting assistance from real-life experts on the QuickBooks Live Community.
It gives you a direct line to people who know about all areas of business, from bookkeeping software and record keeping to business development and ideas.