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QuickBooks Pro 2012
One place for all your company information. Organise your business and do key tasks faster.

  • Understand your accounts with instant business reports
  • Automatic VAT - capture all your VAT information and generate VAT reports
  • For up to five users.1



Key Features
Create branded invoices and quotes
QuickBooks accounting software lets you create and send invoices in seconds - and you can design them just the way you want them:
  • Choose from a selection of templates
  • Customise every aspect of the invoice design
  • Choose which information to include and add your logo

QuickBooks invoicing software lets you send branded invoices which project a more professional, cohesive image of your company. You'll impress customers every time they hear from you.

Easy VAT returns - HMRC approved
Do your VAT the fast, accurate way. QuickBooks accounting software uses financial information stored in the software to generate VAT returns for you:
  • Create VAT returns in minutes - it's freedom from VAT!
  • File VAT returns online - QuickBooks is tested with HMRC systems (UK ONLY)
  • HMRC now requires most businesses to submit VAT returns online  (UK ONLY)

VAT return time can be a real headache. With automatic VAT returns, you can slash the hassle - and the worry.

(Sorry, but QuickBooks accounting software doesn't support flat rate VAT.)

Handle foreign currencies
QuickBooks Pro accounting software lets you trade in over 145 currencies just as easily as you do in pounds sterling:
  • Work with international customers in their own currencies
  • Convert back using the latest exchange rates
  • Understand gains and losses caused by rate fluctuations

Handling foreign currencies helps your business deliver great service, because international clients will appreciate it when you work in their currencies.

Manage bills and payments
The Payment Snapshot gives you up-to-date information about payments to your business, and shows you reminders and tasks:
  • See which customers owe you money, and how much
  • See instantly which payments are almost due or overdue
  • Create detailed reports about cash you are owed

You can also record payments in QuickBooks accounting software as you receive them – making the Payment Snapshot the first place to go for all payment-related tasks.

Stock control
Keep an eye on your stock levels with QuickBooks accounting software:
  • See how items flow in and out of your business
  • QuickBooks prompts you to reorder when stocks fall
  • Create purchase orders to send to suppliers

QuickBooks accounting software helps you avoid overbuying stock. You can also set reorder points and get reminders when it's time to reorder - so you don't run out of popular items.

Calendar view
We've added a calendar view inside QuickBooks so you can stay on top of your business and handle important tasks:
  • Quickly scan items at a glance
  • See your to-do list in calendar format
  • View overdue items in a single list

For each day the calendar shows important 'to-dos', tasks, bills and invoices that are due - plus any transactions you entered on that day.

Create back orders
When you are out of stock of an item, QuickBooks accounting software lets you create back orders for your customers:
  • Customers can buy from you, even when you are out of stock
  • Allocate incoming stock to specific customers

Accepting back orders will increase customer satisfaction, because customers know they will be first in line when stocks are replenished.

Create budgets and forecast cash flow
Plan ahead effectively by creating budgets and forecasting your company’s cash flow in QuickBooks Pro accounting software:
  • Set monthly, quarterly or annual budgets
  • Track your performance and compare actual to expected results
  • Understand how your business could perform in the months ahead

Cash flow forecasts enable you to see how different scenarios would affect your business. What if you took on more staff, or lost a key customer?

Offer flexible discounts
Our accounting software gives you complete freedom to price products and services the way that suits your business:
  • Set discount levels for specific customers or jobs
  • Change prices easily, whenever you need to
  • Offer special deals to match or beat competitors

Use the flexible pricing tools to reward loyal customers with extra discounts, give new customers an incentive to buy - or deep-discount end of line stock. It's entirely up to you.

One place for all your business information

Customer and supplier details, cash flow, expenses ... all instantly searchable.

Stop wasting time hunting for key business information. QuickBooks accounting software gives you one place for everything - and makes it easy to find whatever you need.

  • Organise data with the Customer and Supplier Centres
  • From contact details to creditworthiness, it's there
  • QuickBooks Search: use one box to search everything, instantly

With all your financial, customer and supplier data stored centrally in your accounting software, you'll never struggle to find anything again. And that means you can spend more time doing the jobs that matter.

Automatic VAT returns - fast and accurate

QuickBooks accounting software generates and files VAT returns for you.

With full VAT tracking built in, QuickBooks accounting software generates and files your VAT returns online, automatically.

  • File VAT returns in minutes - QuickBooks is tested with HMRC systems (UK ONLY)
  • Monitor your VAT closely, so you always know your VAT liability
  • The VAT exception report helps you handle later changes

Now HMRC requires most companies to file VAT electronically, Quickbooks is the ideal way to handle that process from start to finish.(Sorry, but QuickBooks accounting software doesn't support flat rate VAT.)


Get paid sooner with faster invoicing.

Create and send professional, branded invoices and quotes in seconds.

Easy quotes and easy invoicing

Generate invoices and quotes in seconds - and send automatically by email:

  • Create invoices and quotes using information in the system
  • Professional invoices - change layout and add your logo
  • Send documents by email - saving time and paper

QuickBooks Pro integrates with Microsoft Outlook, and with webmail services like Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, so you can send invoices, estimates and other documents without having to open your email separately


Understand your company finances at a glance

Use the Company Snapshot to see how your business is doing on a single, graphical screen. It's a quick way to check your position.

Get an easy snapshot of your company

Graphically see what state your business is in with the easy-to-interpret Company Snapshot:

  • A single screen gives you a complete overview of your business
  • Easier financial management: see who owes you, and what you owe
  • Includes important reminders - no more scribbled notes!

Keep on top of your financial management by starting every day with the Company Snapshot. Then use it to decide your priorities, so you get on top of things before they get on top of you.


Work effortlessly in foreign currencies

Work with customers and suppliers in any currency. Track exchange rates automatically to calculate your gains or losses.

Use multiple currencies to make international business a breeze. Work with suppliers and customers in their own currencies, and then convert back to pounds to see where you stand.

  • Download the latest exchange rates and use them automatically
  • QuickBooks keeps a historical record of exchange rate fluctuations
  • Deal in as many currencies as you like
  • Switch between currencies easily to view gains and losses

Foreign currency support is built into QuickBooks accounting software. Unlike other accounting software, you don't need to rely on workarounds or guess the exchange rate.


See transactions and tasks day-by-day

The QuickBooks calendar view helps you stay on top of your business by showing key items day-by-day.

The QuickBooks calendar view shows your important tasks, bills and invoices that are due - plus any transactions you entered on that day:

  • Quickly scan items at a glance
  • See your to-do list in calendar format
  • View overdue items in a single list

You can view the QuickBooks calendar a single day, week or month at a time.

Manage supplier bills and credit terms

Never make another late payment - QuickBooks accounting software reminds you when supplier bills are due.

Manage supplier bills and credit terms

Keep track of every bill your business receives. Just enter details of bills when they arrive, and QuickBooks accounting software will prompt you when it's time to pay.

  • No late payments or unanticipated expenses
  • No need to record bill and payment details on paper
  • Maximise your cash flow by paying bang on time, but not late

When you're running a busy business, it's easy to overlook incoming bills - or lose them in piles of paper. With QuickBooks accounting software, you'll never miss another payment.


We're on the phone to get you started

QuickBooks includes 30 days of telephone support3 - just call us for help or advice.

Our simple accounting software includes 30 days of free telephone support, just in case you need help getting started.3

  • Call us as many times as you like during the first 30 days
  • Get started with installation, set up and customisation
  • We're experts - we'll get to the bottom of any problem

Our support staff are available to answer your calls 8.30am to 5.00pm on working days.


Access help and support online - anytime

Need help? You'll get full access to our comprehensive support website.

Make our support website your first port of call whenever you have a question about QuickBooks. We probably have the answer you need.

  • Search thousands of help articles to solve a specific problem
  • Browse guides, videos and FAQs to learn how to use QuickBooks
  • Regularly updated to deal with the latest legislation changes

The QuickBooks support website is free to access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.(Looking for help now? Visit our support site)


Get expert advice from the Live Community

Consult accountants, business owners and other experts, completely free.

Get expert advice from the Live Community

The Live Community is an online network of QuickBooks users, business owners, accountants and other experts.

  • Get shortcuts, tips and tricks from QuickBooks power users
  • Ask financial experts and accountants for their advice
  • Make interesting contacts and network online

The Live Community gives you a direct line to experts in all areas of business, from accounting and record keeping to business development and ideas.