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QuickBooks 2012 Product Comparison

QuickBooks 2012 Product Comparison
It's time to see all features of our accounting software
QuickBooks business accounting software gets your books organised in a flash.
  • Easy to set up, learn and use
  • Includes 30 days of free telephone support to get you up and running
  • For Windows 7, Vista and XP (Use a Mac? Try QuickBooks Online.)
QuickBooks is less fiddly than complicated spreadsheets and much faster than manual bookkeeping. Isn't it time to give it a try?

All prices exclude VAT.


  Simple Start


Get started easily      
Get started quickly - simple to set up and learn
Multi user access to share your accounts One user Up to 3 users Up to 30 users
Import and export data from and to other software - fast and accurate  

Save time on the tasks you do most

Create invoices with your logo - then email them as PDFs
Send invoices and estimates directly through popular email systems  
Batch invoicing - invoice several customers at once  
Create estimates - then turn them into invoices in one click  
Manage supplier bills and payments with the Payment Snapshot  
Track stock, set reorder points and create purchase orders  
Offer early payment discounts  
Handle as many foreign currencies as you need  
Create back orders for out of stock items, and set stock aside    
Use different units of measure    
Flexible pricing - set prices and discounts by customer, job, item or currency    
Track time and highlight unbilled expenses before you invoice    

Organise your financial data in one place

Track sales, expenses and profit
Customise reports, including profit and loss and balance sheets 14 basic reports 100+ reports 135+ reports
QuickBooks Search - find accounts, reports, invoices and transactions in moments
See your company finances at a glance with the Company Snapshot  
Keep on top of receivables with the Collection Centre  
Calendar view for tasks, bills, invoices and transactions  
Organise all your data with the Customer, Supplier and Employee Centres  
Assess customers in moments with the Customer Snapshot  

Make light work of stressful accounting jobs

Automatic VAT reporting with ease Cash basis only
Understand VAT changes with VAT exception reports  
Create budgets    


QuickBooks 2012 - Detailed Software Comparison
  Simple Start


Multiple Companies
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Runs on Windows 7 (all versions except Basic + Starter, 32+64bit)
QuickBooks Calendar. Daily/weekly or monthly view of everyday tasks N/A NEW NEW
Customer snapshot. View customer details, recent transactions + graphs. N/A NEW NEW
Compatible with eZ Bank Import N/A NEW NEW
Payment snapshot. View money outstanding with relevant reports. N/A NEW NEW
Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010
Webmail Integration (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc) N/A NEW NEW

 Easily Get Started      
Free QuickBooks Support Included on first time purchase New users 1 Year Free New users 1 Year Free New users 1 Year Free
Express start-up interview to get you up & running right away IMPROVED IMPROVED
Chart of Accounts customised for your industry
QuickStart Centre - common task tutorials N/A NEW NEW
Help and live community N/A
  Organise and Complete Everyday Tasks      
Easily print cheques, record bills & track expenses
Record Supplier Invoices (bills), set due dates & print remittance advice N/A
Create Quotations, Invoices, Sales Receiptes & Credit Notes
Create Customer Invoice in batch N/A NEW NEW
Create professional-looking forms with tools to customize
Email forms as PDF's
Enter batch timesheets for jobs N/A NEW NEW
Sort by data type on bank reconciliation window
Manage outstanding money with the Customer Collection Centre N/A NEW NEW
Progress Invoicing and automatic recharge of expenses N/A
Customer and Supplier Centres: contact and transaction history in one place N/A
History Pane in forms. View recent transactions + contact info on related transactions N/A NEW NEW
Report Centre - Set favourites & add reports to a "Recently Viewed" list. N/A
Duplicate sales and purchases transactions and list items N/A
Add/Edit multiple list entries (Items, Accounts, Customers & Suppliers) N/A NEW NEW
Set Discounts/credits on Customer payment+bill payment screen's N/A
  Manage Products and Services      
Track Stock, set reorder points & create Purchase Orders N/A
Adjust Stock by Qty, Value or both with added search function N/A IMPROVED IMPROVED
Customisable columns for lists
Create delivery notes and shipping labels N/A
Create multiple delivery addresses for you customers
Units of measure - buys, sell stock in different units N/A N/A
Store manufacturers part numbers on items N/A
Sales Order fullfilment worksheet N/A N/A NEW
Create Sales Orders from quotes N/A N/A
Generate Purchase Orders from quotes N/A
Generate Purchase Orders from Sales Orders N/A N/A
Easily set prices and determine discounts by customer or job N/A N/A
Build and Track inventory Assembblies to Finished Goods N/A N/A IMPROVED
Manage Your Business      
Quick F3 search function accross all QuickBooks transactions N/A NEW NEW
Track Bank and Credit Card Accounts
Customisable reports and graphs 14 Basic Reports 100 Basic Reports 135 Basic Reports
Email Reports and export to Excel N/A
Import & Export to and from Word, Excel files N/A
Class tracking N/A
Job costing. Track costs per customer on money in & money out. N/A
Update Quickbooks reports from Excel without having to open QuickBooks N/A NEW NEW
Set billing rates by employee, customer/client, position or service N/A
Cash Flow Projections N/A
Create a Budget N/A
6 week Sales forecast N/A N/A
Accountant can make changes whilst you still work (Accountants copy) N/A
Easy file send to Accountant N/A
Import Accounts' changes N/A
Create and export accountants changes for client N/A N/A
Company Snapsho shows key performance indicators for you business N/A IMPROVED IMPROVED
Trade in Mulitple Currencies      
Invoice templates show home and foreign currency totals N/A
Download currency exchange rates N/A
Create Summary Reports in home and foreign values N/A
Support for over 140 currencies N/A
Exchange rate history calendar N/A
Set multiple foreign sales prices for items N/A
Default VAT Codes used to ensure correct VAT calc N/A
Credit memo exhange rates automatically change to match Invoice exchange rates N/A
 VAT Management      
Automatically saves VAT reports during filing as PDFs for easy audit protection
Report VAT liability on a Cash (payment) basis
Report VAT liability on a Accrual (invoice) basis N/A
Daily Sales Book Report (Show net, VAT, Gross totals)
VAT 201 Return
Automatically adjusts VAT amounts for early payment discounts N/A
VAT Centre for easy access to common VAT tasks N/A
VAT Setup Wizard to change/add new VAT rates N/A
Accountant Specific Tools      
Audit Trail
Open a second company. Having two company files open simultaneously N/A N/A NEW
Split a blance sheet by Class N/A N/A NEW
Password Protected Closing Date N/A
Auto Reverse of Journal entries N/A N/A
One Click Journal History N/A N/A
Adjusted TB, Adjusting Journal Entries Report N/A N/A
Financial Statement designer N/A N/A
Retained Earnings QuickZoom N/A N/A
Post journals directly to Retained Earnings N/A N/A
Toggle between different editions of QuickBooks N/A N/A
Account review N/A N/A
Optimised for Multiple Users and Locations      
Sybase Database for better performance of large files
Set permissions levels to control user access N/A
Hide/remove old company files from Company File Selection window N/A NEW NEW
Multiple User Access (with purchase of additional copies)1 N/A Up to 5 licenses Up to 30 licenses
Multiuser tools (backup and file locking) N/A
QuickBooks Instant Messenger N/A
Access your files from remote locations (Subscribe to WebEx for service. QB not conducive to remote server access)     1-year free