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Take back control of your business finances with these key features

These Features Will Make Your Life Easier. Seriously

Easily see the state of your company. Make talking to your accountant simpler. Cut the time it takes to complete and file VAT returns. Work in multiple currencies.

These are some of the things UK businesses told us they needed help with. And because we like to help, we used that feedback to change and add QuickBooks features.

Of course, as 8 out of 10 users say QuickBooks helps save time on their accounts1, it goes without saying that these features can save you time too.


Company Snapshot: One Place For All Your Key Business Information
The new Company Snapshot is a clear, easy-to-understand screen that helps you understand how your business is performing. See which areas you should focus on - and decide what task you need to do next.

  • Clear graphics show your income and expenses at a glance
  • See which customers owe you money and which bills you have to pay
  • Includes a list of reminders so you can see exactly what you need to get done
Send Figures Straight to Your Accountant
How much does your business rely on its accountant? QuickBooks allows you to send up-to-the-minute figures to your accountant electronically, with the send accountant's copy feature.

  • Work effectively - your figures are sent in a format your accountant can easily interpret
  • QuickBooks takes care of day-to-day bookkeeping, so you can use your accountant's time efficiently
  • No need to post your accountant bulky paperwork or transcribe figures into their system
Do Each VAT Return Automatically, Then File it Securely Online
We can't promise complete freedom from the hassle of VAT. But with easy generation of VAT returns and built in VAT eFiling, we can make it all a bit quicker and easier for you.

  • Save hours by creating your VAT return from the information you've already entered
  • File your VAT returns from within QuickBooks - it's fully HMRC tested
  • Incorporates all the latest VAT rules - and regularly updated with any changes
Trade in Lots of Currencies - Without Worrying About Currency Conversion
With full multicurrency support, QuickBooks lets you trade in any number of currencies. Work with suppliers and customers in their own currencies - or convert back to pounds to see where you stand.

  • No fiddly calculations - download the latest exchange rates and use them automatically
  • Set prices in each individual currency so you can sell at different prices in different markets
  • QuickBooks stores exchange rate information to ensure the right rate is applied to every transaction
It's Easy to Work Together on Your Accounts
Multi user access in QuickBooks allows up to 30 people to use your accounting software at once. And this means you can get more done. (Each user costs extra - to buy for more than three users, call us on 020-3503585 / 0722-695000 / 0733-605365.)

  • Ideal for companies where several people need to access financial or customer information
  • There's a built-in instant messaging system (like a chat window) which makes it easy to coordinate work
  • If someone leaves their desk without logging off, you can give them the boot remotely too
Encourage Customers to Pay Early to Improve Your Own Cash Flow
Automatically apply early payment discounts to keep cash flowing into your business - so you can pay suppliers who also offer discounts.

  • Set rules for discounts, then let the software work out each individual discount itself.
  • Apply different discounts to different clients, jobs or periods (the sooner they pay, the more they save)
  • No VAT hassles - QuickBooks works out the VAT on discounted invoices and bills automatically
Make Sure Every Job You Do is a Profitable Job
Ever find you've undercharged for a project? QuickBooks lets you track how much time people in your business spend on each job, so you can check the profitability of the work you do.

  • Keep track of what work your staff have done for each client
  • Set different hourly rates for different people, to build a realistic picture of how much jobs cost
  • QuickBooks keeps details of previous jobs, so you can use them to accurately estimate future costs
Get Advice From People Who've Been There and Done It
Need help with QuickBooks? Now you can use the Live Community to get assistance straight from other QuickBooks users and experts. Having trouble with your profit and loss account? Just log in for help.

  • Access the Live Community from within QuickBooks - no need to visit a separate website
  • Search previous queries, or put your question straight out there
  • Help other small businesses by responding when you know the answer to their questions
New database architecture

QuickBooks made a large, behind the scenes, change to its database architecture and replaced it with a modern, relational SQL database engine and a client-server architecture. This powerful, industry-standard database architecture will be the foundation for significant improvements including better performance for large data sets, faster response for more concurrent users, ability to scale to support concurrent users, larger data files and larger lists, and better data reliability and integrity.