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QuickBooks SimpleStart 2008


Ideal for new and home-based businesses :

  • Get set up easily - in fewer than 30 minutes
  • Accurately track sales & expenses with one-click reports and more
  • Look more professional with customised invoices, estimates & sales receipts





How QuickBooks SimpleStart 2008 can help you
  Easy to learn and use

   Get started in under 30 minutes. Step-by-step tutorials show you how to do your book-keeping right.

Use the interactive step-by-step tutorial to get up and running in under 30 minutes.
  • Insert the CD or download SimpleStart directly
  • Follow the short tutorial
  • Start managing your business finances


  No accounting knowledge required


Just familiar forms, cheques & invoices that are easy to complete on-screen.

Cheques, invoices, sales receipts - the on-screen forms you'll find in SimpleStart look just like the ones you use in your business every day, so there's less guesswork. Simply fill in your information, and you're done.

And because SimpleStart is designed for new & home-based businesses, you won't be overwhelmed with tools & forms you won't use. Get everything you need - and nothing you don't.


  Tools to track your money accurately


Tools to track your money accurately, including one-click, easy-to-understand reports.

Stop digging through papers, switching applications or searching for files to find the information you need. SimpleStart accurately manages money coming into & going out of your business, so you can be confident that your business finances are calculated correctly.
  • Create estimates, invoices & sales receipts
  • Track sales & expenses easily
  • Organise customers, suppliers, sales, invoices, deposits & more - all in one place
  • Write cheques & track invoices - SimpleStart updates your records automatically so you always know where your business stands


  Look more professional

Look more professional with customisable receipts, invoices & estimates.

Save time on paperwork - so you can spend more time building your business. SimpleStart's professional-looking templates are customisable to help you present a branded, professional image.
  • Change styles, colours & fonts on each template
  • Show or hide fields
  • Include your company logo


  Get help when you need it

including free telephone support1 - means you're only a click away from answering your SimpleStart questions.

Get free QuickBooks support for the first 30 days after you register SimpleStart. Additional help includes:
  • Two-minute in-product tutorials - practise a task before you do it on your own
  • Help screens available for quick answers while you work
  • Online community forum lets you connect with other QuickBooks users
  • QuickBooks Professional Advisors across the Globe provide local one-to-one QuickBooks help
  Grows with your business.

As your business accounting needs expand, move up from SimpleStart to QuickBooks Pro or Premier - and your data automatically transfers.

It's easy to move from SimpleStart to more advanced QuickBooks products. When you're ready to upgrade to QuickBooks Pro or Premier, all the information you entered into SimpleStart transfers automatically to your new version.

Note: SimpleStart is designed for new QuickBooks users. SimpleStart cannot import data from other versions of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Payroll) or Quicken.
Key Features
New & improved for QuickBooks SimpleStart 2008
Organise & complete everyday tasks
  • Create estimates & invoices - and e-mail PDF versions to clients
  • Customise professional-looking forms

Better manage your finances
  • Improve lists & organisation with customisable columns
  • Find information easily in SimpleStart using Google DesktopTM

Use accountant-specific tools
  • Track changes easily with the Audit Trail - great for you or your accountant Plus 14 reports to keep you organised - and, as always, the Set Up Interview gets you up and running fast.
System Requirements
At least 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) with 512 MB of RAM

Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32bit only)
  • For Windows2000/XP users: 500 MHz Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) with at least 256 MB RAM
  • For Windows Vista users: 1.2GHz Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) with 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB of disk space (additional space required for data files)

Internet Explorer 6.0 or better required (6.0 provided on CD, requires an additional 70 MB)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Common Language Runtime 1.1 (provided on CD, requires an additional 150 MB)
  • At least 256 colour SVGA video
  • Optimised for 1024 x 768 resolution
  • All online features/services require Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps modem (Broadband recommended)

E-mailing forms requires an MAPI-compliant e-mail program (such as Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 or 2007)
Help when you need it
Get free support for the first 30 days1 after you register QuickBooks Pro - so you're only a click away from answering your QuickBooks Premier questions. Additional help includes:

  • Two-minute in-product tutorials - practise a task before you do it on your own
  • Help screens available for quick answers while you work
  • Online community forum lets you connect with other QuickBooks users
  • QuickBooks Professional Advisors across the Globe provide local one-to-one QuickBooks help


The SimpleStart Home Page - enhanced for 2008
  See your options and activities at a glance - and click on an icon to move directly to where you'd like to go. Fewer tabs and fewer screens means less guess work for you.

Conveniently separated into Money In, Your Business and Money Out, the SimpleStart Home Page helps you understand your business' cashflow and better manage your business relationships. Plus, quick links - such as What Do I Do First? - answer your questions fast. So you can get back to business.
See customer activities
  Wondering who your best customers are? Who pays on time and who's late? Who orders big-ticket items and how frequently? With this QuickBooks customer activity report, you can get better understand your customers' needs. And when you understand your customers, you can better serve them and develop the relationships that will help your business succeed.
Run Profit & Loss reports in SimpleStart
 See the details that affect your profitability in this easy-to-read income statement. Use information in this report to show managers, investors and the bank how your business is performing and to help predict future performance as well as risks. Plus, handy help features in the left bar make it easy to customise reports for your business.
Run Total Sales by Customer reports in SimpleStart
  Wondering which customers are placing large orders? See transactions for any time period at a glance with the Total Sales by Customer report. To remind your customers of outstanding invoices, simply click the link under Related Activities, and QuickBooks will help you send statements. Need more reports? QuickBooks SimpleStart 2008 includes 14 customisable reports.
Create invoices
  Ready to bill your customer? Fill in this simple form with the items you'd like to bill for - whether goods or services - and QuickBooks then populates your invoice template. Extra features: apply credits, add a message to your customer, e-mail the invoice or preview it before printing.
Customise business templates
  Get professional-looking forms with easy-to-use layout design tools in QuickBooks. Adjust colours, sizes, fonts and more.
Need to mail your invoices to clients? Check the box marked show envelope window when designing your invoice, and see where you need to position addresses to align with the window.

Prefer to e-mail? Save postage and time by e-mailing invoices to your customers
Customise invoice templates and more
 Create a more professional-looking image and brand for your company with customisable forms, such as the above invoice. Select a template from the extensive list of options, and change it to suit your business's style: add logos, change fonts, apply new colours and redesign the layout
Enter company information in easy-to-use forms
 The Setup Interview simplifies your company file in three easy steps. Here, just enter your company information, and QuickBooks will automatically use it to populate invoices and other forms. Want to save more time? Enter repetitive data less. In each step of the QuickBooks Setup Interview, you'll enter information just once about your company, your employees and VAT - and QuickBooks will use that information again and again.
Step-by-step guidance for SimpleStart
 QuickBooks has so many tools and features to make accounting easy for small businesses that it may be difficult to know which options will work best for you. That's why QuickBooks SimpleStart includes the EasyStep Interview - so you can set your preferences and only the forms you need to see.

The result is a streamlined version of QuickBooks well-suited to your unique business requirements.