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NEW QuickBooks 2015

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Take Control of your Finances - FAST !!

Keeping your company’s books up to date is a complex and time-consuming business function. That is why the developers of QuickBooks conduct focus groups with their users every year in order to improve their QuickBooks experience. By listening to the customer’s needs and desires this year, the developers of QuickBooks decided to focus on the products performance and quality to make sure that the users accounting and bookkeeping experience is not only faster, but more rewarding.
The 2015 edition of our accounting software is a great leap forward for all business owners and accountants in Kenya. 

QuickBooks SimpleStart

QuickBooks SimpleStart is the perfect accounting software for a start-up or home-based business.
QuickBooks Simple Start 2015 is designed to make every aspect of accounting straightforward and stress-free.
With QuickBooks Simple Start 2015 you can access up to 14 reports whilst easily tracking key information about your sales and expenses.

QuickBooks Pro 2015

QuickBooks Pro allows you to manage your business accounts simply and easily.
Organise your accounts faster
QuickBooks Pro 2015 gives you practical tools to get on top of your finances and track how your company is doing.

QuickBooks Premier 2015

QuickBooks Premier is a fast and complete finance solution.
Powerful accounting software
QuickBooks Premier 2015 gives you fast, flexible ways to organise and analyse your accounts - driving your business forward.

QuickBooks Accountant 2015

Do you need all of QuickBooks features? Then QuickBooks Accountant is for you.
QuickBooks Accountant keeps you connected with your clients
That means QuickBooks Accountant lets you get on with things, instead of having to hassle clients for their latest figures.

Key features are:

  • The developers have considerably shortened the time it takes to complete tasks
  • Reports have been redesigned to make them even easier to read. You can also add an executive summary to your reports for emailing, Excel and PDF purposes
  • You can easily track your businesses health from the QuickBooks Home Page
  • Income Tracker can give you a complete and customisable view
  • You can add a default note on your customer information
  • All your reminders can be found in one window
  • If you run into a problem, there are new self-help features

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